How do you feel about going to the dentist?

It’s rare that you ever read a tweet on Twitter or post on Facebook “I’m at the dentist… so excited to have my mouth cleaned!” In fact, it’s estimated that seventy five percent of Americans have some type of dental phobia, so it’s not just that they do not like visiting their dentist, but they are actually scared of having their teeth examined.

Take a look at the top five reasons why you shouldn’t hate the dentist.

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Hate Dentists Blog Finds a Home

You never know where blogging takes you.  I recently switched this blog’s URL over to So why call it Hate Dentists Blog? I needed a name that related to Dental Psychology. Something that spoke to the extreme drama some people experience when sitting in a dental chair. “Hate Dentists” captures all that drama in […]

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Drama Triangle - Ogres, Victims and Heroes

Drama Triangle – Victims, Ogres and Rescuers – Drama Queen IV

The key role in the Drama Triangle is the Victim. Without his or her harrowing tale, there is no epic storyline. Here’s the thing. Drama Queen Victims rarely see themselves as victims. They see themselves as heroic figures forced to endure great injustices. They play the center characters of an epic adventure where they’re the TRUE prince or princess…

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Toxic Drama and the Drama Triangle

Toxic Drama and Righteous Indignation

Why do some people act like they’ve just been handed a free ticket to be toxic? When you get hit with a blast of toxic venom, in the other person’s mind you’ve broken some sort of rule and now they’re allowed to attack you without mercy…

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Expressive Personality Profile - Drama Queen II

Expressive Personality: Wired for Drama – Drama Manipulation

When’s the last time something has really upset you? Three month ago? Three hours ago? Though all of us experience moments of emotional upset, how we outwardly express emotion can be very different…

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Drama Queen sharing her personal drama

Personal Drama – Drama Queen Part I

Personal drama is about taking how you feel inside, and revealing that to others around you. Maybe you’re more reserved and not into drama. On the other hand, maybe drama is your thing…

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Tooth Carpenters and Gum Gardeners

Dentists are Tooth Carpenters, Dental Hygienists are Gum Gardeners

What’s so special about dentists? Strip away any doctor-prestige and professional posturing and you’ll discover Dentists are basically tooth carpenters and Dental Hygienists are gum gardeners…

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Dental Sins and Dentists You Should Avoid

Dental Sins and Dentists to Avoid – Pain Exploiters II

Warning: Are Dentists Over-Treating You? You put your trust in a dentists hands. Are they taking care of you appropriately? Do you ever worry that dentists will take advantage of…

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Dental Pain Exploiters, Bullies and Charmers

Dental Pain Exploiters – Dentists Who Take Advantage of Pain

Got a toothache? Be careful of who you turn to for help. Once treatment integrity has been breached, it becomes a slippery slope of patient manipulation…

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